Charlie Meizlish

I was diagnosed with Chronic Depression during my late 20s. Why am I mentioning this on a page that is supposed to be all about getting you to purchase my services or products? Because Depression influences everything I do. It created Loose Endings. 

With assistance from my doctor I was able to find the proper balance and medication to help manage my Depression during my mid 30s.  It was during this time that Loose Endings came into being.  From comic books, movies, tv shows, cosplay and everything in between. It became a metaphor for ALL THE THINGS.

For the first time in my life I began to show interest in things and express my opinions. Of all the things I returned to crochet and then knitting seemed to be what I enjoyed most. For a short time I even worked in a yarn shop. 

My grey world flooded with color and I was delighted. I fell in love with color. From my hair, tattoos, clothing, makeup, and especially the yarns I choose to work with. 

During my time at the yarn shop I designed patterns and on occasion taught a class. My love for the fiber arts took root and I found that I wanted to share my adoration. Every time I talked about it someone would mention they wanted to learn to knit or crochet but didn’t take action.  And that made me sad.  When I asked why; more often then not, the response would be – anxiety and time. Anxiety due to comparison and simply not having time.

I am well acquainted with anxiety and as and Independent Designer I knew my time was flexible.  So I did something. Along with my design work I teach people the craft of knitting and crochet in a one on one setting.

If you would like more information regarding classes or to commission a unique item follow the links below or email me directly.  The shop link at the top will direct you to my patterns as well as other items for purchase.

Studio Crew

Loose Endings  wouldn’t be  what it is today without the support of those around me.  From family to friends, they all play their part. Let me introduce you to the Studio Crew.


Harlequin (Harley)

Harley loves to voice her opinion on everything that happens in the Loose Endings Studio, however her favorite thing to do is over-see the making of items by placing herself in the most annoying place ever while Charlie is working – Charlie’s lap or shoulders.



Henry is just as opinionated as his sister, however he prefers to focus on the technical aspects of design. Watching over Charlie as she writes the tech specs for her patterns, he has been known to add his own commentary during the drafting stages.